This will be my trusted friend for remote imaging in New Mexico using the Takahashi 106-ED 106, with the QSI- 683 ccd camera and the Paramount Mty Mount as a solid performer.

I had seen this mount work right next to me at the Florida Star Party and was very impressed with its performance and reliability.

Takahashi TOA-150

Takahashi FSQ-ED


This is my current system I am using ; consisting of a modified Celestron Classic C14 with a QSI 683 WSG-8 monochrome ccd camera. I am using a special focal reducer coma corrector  a Starizona LF Reducer making the scope an F7 2650mm imager. The camera is used binning at 2x2 which makes pixel scale at .81 per pixel in arc seconds.

​   The mount is a refurbished factory updated Paramount ME with new ME II Bearings installed plus new belts in RA and Dec. The mount was purchased used but completely went through the factory's inspection and totally cleaned out. Also has new MK5000 board with built in wifi.

​  My next step is to have an observatory built in this spot with a permanent pier dug 4 feet down. This arrangement does work  somewhat as set up; but every 6 months it needs to be checked for ground sinkage as it does throw my polar alignment off eventually and the mount then needs recalibration to the refracted pole.

​Notice the big concrete slabs under the tripod legs ; each one is solid concrete at 60 pounds each 12x16 inches. with 6 inches in height.

Planewave 24 inch Astrograph