Mirach and Mirach's Ghost

Imaged on 111114 from my backyard with a Celestron C11 with Hyperstar III lens attached to a Canon T2i full spectrum camera. Captured with a single 60 second unguided exposure at iso 400,


Imaged from my backyard with my Celestron C11 on 120914 at 0330 UTC with a Hyperstar III lens at f2 520mm from a single 45 second unguided image.

@ Copyright Don Curry

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The closest star to us at 25 light years away. Think about that----You would need to go at the speed of light 186,000 miles per hour for 25 years to get to the nearest star.

Vega is 36 times more luminous then our own Sun and an estimated age of 400 million years. The temperature has an average surface temp. of 9,500 Kelvin and runs hotter at the poles then near the equator. Vega is in the constellation Lyrae.

​You can see some flare out from the star showing the blue waves above.

This was imaged from my backyard on 111114 at 0500 UTC from a single 90 second unguided image at f2 520mm on my Celestron C11 with Hyperstar III lens attached to the front of the 11 inch primary mirror and used with the Canon T2i full spectrum camera at ISO 100.