Uranus as imaged on 082515 at F10 2800mm on a Celestron C11 with a Hutech Canon 6D camera. Captured at ISO 3200 from a 3 second single exposure. 

Jupiter imaged 2013 from 3000 frames at 22 frames per second with a Canon T2i Camera. The best 600 frames were combined in Registax 6

Uranus imaged 2012

Neptune imaged in 2012. At the outer part of our Solar System. It is amazing I was able to image some of the northern pole of Neptune from this AVI. using a Canon T2i camera from this combined 5000 frame.  Registax 6 processed the combined the best frames of 900 to bring out the details.

    Nearly 2.8 billion miles from the Sun, Neptune orbits the Sun once every 165 years. Neptune's blue is the result of methane in the atmosphere

The planet Saturn imaged in 071213 from 3000 frame AVI using a Canon T2i camera at 22 frames per second with the Celestron C11 and a Televue 2.5X Powermate

From a single image of Jupiter with its 4 moons and Venus all in the same frame from 063015 at Riverfront Park Sedro Woolley WA. This was imaged at ISO 200 1 second exposure using a Huetch Canon 6D camera at prime focal 2800mm F10 using a Celestron C11 telescope and a Losmandy G11 Gemini II Mount.