The Tarantula Nebula

NGC 2070 Widefield

Imaged on 121714 at 0700 UTC using a 300 second single LRGB  set.

The telescope capturing this 3x4 degree FOV is from a Takahashi ED-106

The Eskimo Nebula          NGC 2392

Imaged from Celestron C11 with hyperstar III lens at F2 520mm from a single 70 second image with a Canon T2i full spectrum camera at ISO 200 on 122914 at 0600 UTC.

Eta Carina imaged on 122014  from Australia at 0200 UTC from 2 sets of RGB filters at 300 seconds each.

This was imaged on The Planewave CDK 700 Astrograph. 

The colors are very striking and not typical from images photographed of this famous object NGC 3372 from The Southern Sky's. Normally only Red hues are present,but other hues can be seen in this image possibly from the rising sun fast approaching when this image was captured.

Messier 52 Open Globular Cluster & The Bubble Nebula

Imaged from my backyard in Sedro Woolley WA. on 022215 from a combined stack of 40 captures of 90 seconds each with applied 10 darks, 10 flats & 11 bias frames  using a Canon T2i full spectrum camera attached to a Celestron C11 with Hyperstar III lens at F 1.8 520mm.

The Sunflower Galaxy

Messier 63

This was imaged on a .5 meter Planewave astrograph telescope from

 Mayhill New Mexico on 120914 from a single LRGB set of 300 seconds each.

The Andromeda Galaxy Messier 31

This was imaged with a Takahashi ED-106 Telescope from a single set of 300 second LRGB images. 

  This is still a work in progress due to different colors of gradients in background.

Artistically I almost prefer the different colors in the background even though it is not technically correct.


   Don Curry

The Whirlpool Galaxy


This was imaged on the 1 meter Schulman Telescope from The University Of Arizona Mt. Lemmon Sky Center Observatory with SSON 

I had used just 4 short captures of 180 seconds each from a single set of LRGB Filters.. Moon Phase was at 41.85% Pixel scale was at 0.702 arcsec/pixel .

Image was captured on Feb. 17th, 2013