M29 Open Globular Cluster located in the constellation Cygnus at a distance between 4,000 to 7,000 light years away near the star Sadr which the central star in Cygnus.. Its age is estimated to be 10 million years old. This was imaged with my Huetch Canon 6D camera from just 3 exposures of 55 seconds each at ISO 800 at F 6.3 1600mm.

​Messier 3 is in the constellation of Canes Venatici. The cluster is made up of about 500,000 stars and is estimated to be 8 billion years old. It is located 33,900 light years away from Earth.

​   This was imaged with my new Huetch Canon 6D camera from just 5   10 second exposures at ISO 1600 using the Celestron C11 at F10 2800mm on 062515 at 0700 UTC. The mount is a Losmandy G11 Gemini II.

Messier 34

Messier 38

Located in the constellation Auriga a companion cluster is 33' from M38 which is NGC 1907 its size is 7' with a magnitude of 8.2

​Both the clusters appear to be close together but is not the case. M35 and NGC 1907 are 1,200 light years apart.

Imaged on my Celestron C11 with Hyperstar III lens at F2 520mm from a single 35 second image at ISO 200 with a Canon T2i full spectrum camera.

Messier 36

Imaged from a Canon T2i on 112914 from a single 45 second capture at iso 100 with a Celestron C11 with a Hyperstar III lens at F2 520mm

                                              Messier 35

Imaged with Canon T2i full spectrum camera from a single 55 second exposure at F2 520mm on 112914 at 0500 UTC.  Located in Gemini it has a small and faint companion cluster located above the M35 open cluster identified as NGC 2158. NGC's 2158s orange stars appear small due to being  11,000 light years away.

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​Don Curry

Open Double Cluster NGC 654 and NGC 663

Imaged on 111214 at 0500 UTC with my standard Celestron C11 imaging gear from my backyard with Canon T2i at F2 520mm. Captured at ISO 400 60 second one shot unguided image.

The Great Hercules Globular Cluster


Imaged on my Celestron C11 at 2800mm F10 using a Huetch Canon 6D camera on 061515 at Heppner Oregon 4,000 feet up in The Blue Mountains at about 0700 UTC.

​Imaged at ISO 1600 from a single 1 minute sub unguided.

M71 is in the constellation Sagitta and is at a distance of 12,000 light years and span some 27 light years across.

   M71 was thought to be a dense packed open cluster due to its lack of a central compressed core. It is thought that the ancient globular cluster may have more metals than other typical globular clusters. The cluster has a luminosity of around 13,000 suns.

   This was imaged on 072315 from 8  50 second exposures at ISO 800 with a Huetch Canon 6D camera.