Earth's Moon imaged on 120217 with a new ASI ZWO 174MM camera using a Celestron C11 and a Losmandy G11 Gemini II Mount. This was imaged from 10 percent of  a stack of 1000 frames at 20 FPS.

Earth's Moon with Plato crater in foreground imaged on 120217 using a Celestron C11 with an ASI174MM camera.

Earth's Moon  imaged from 120217 a day before Supermoon with Celestron C11.

Earth's Moon imaged on 081516 depicting the various landing site from the Apollo 11 moon mission. This was iamged at prime  3950mm F11 with the Celestron C14 from a single frame at ISO 200  160th of a second using a Huetch Canon T6 camera.