It's been awhile since I've posted any new images; but finally have a few new ones and updated images as well on the QSI -683 page. The SH2-64 image might be one of my best imaged I ever processed thus far and find it very revealing with much nebulosity, and reflection gases everywhere.

I've updated my 3rd astrophotography page with my latest images during my September stay at the dark site. Please take a peak I'm sure you'll like seeing these.

​Today is 02/22/17  weather this winter has been very poor especially from my backyard; thus I haven't had much use in imaging the Moon. My remote imaging site as well has not been productive and unpredictable with capturing dso's on any regular schedule.

​  I hope to show a few more from Sharpless Catalog ; but this might not post until 2nd week of March although new moon cycle is closely approaching for Feb. 2017. I'll keep you posted for any updates.

During the winter months of 2016 to 2017 I will be posting most the new images on the QSi-683 page. Please look at this page for updates once a week.

I've realized since learning Pixinsight 10 months ago in detail using IP4AP online class with Warren Keller my images have improved a great deal as seen from my updated  QSI-683 page. I'm looking forward to perfecting my skills during the new upcoming year as well.

Blog post update 12/09/17

It's been a long while since I've posted here. I did a big  move out to the desert in Northern Arizona and have updated my gear as well. I bought a used Paramount ME ; and turned it in for factory updates and wifi capability . The factory also had to do a complete break down of the mount and did a deep cleaning , along with new belts and bearings installed. 

    I should also mention Starizona did modifications to my Celestron Classic C14 with a focal reducer corrector for very low spot size edge to edge, and I had special mirror locks installed to avoid mirror flop.

  I'm looking forward to using the mount once I have it back from the factory with 30 hours of labor to bring back up to specs.

I will be rejoining my efforts to do astrophotography starting in April of 2016 using Deep Sky West telescope equipment. I'm looking forward to the new adventure. I will be using a Takahashi 106-ED telescope with a Paramount Mty Mount. ​

The images from this equipment will be posted on the QSI-683 CCD Camera page.

When I'm not imaging remotely I will in the future attempt to do some planetary imaging with a Celestron C14 OTA on the Losmandy G11. This may be a real challenge at my location with overall bad seeing.

​    I obtained the C14 primarily for visual observing and I'm having a great time doing just that normally seeing 10 to 14 DSO's or galaxies during a 2 to 3 hour period of time.