NGC 5198

IC 4263


The Cigar Galaxy Messier 82

Imaged from a 24 inch Planewave astrograph in Auberry California from a LRGB set of 300 seconds each.

Two of the most looked at DSO's in The Southern Sky's .The Sculptor Galaxy on the left and

 The Tarantula Galaxy on the right : The Sculptor Galaxy was imaged with the cdk 700 telescope and the Tarantula Nebula was imaged with a .5 meter  Planewave telescope.

​The Dumbell Nebula


Images from 061515 at about 0700 UTC at f10 2800mm using a new Huetch Canon 6D camera.

This is from 16 60 second sub-exposures at ISO 1600 from a very dark site in Heppner Oregon 4,000 feet up in The Blue Mountains of North Eastern Oregon. The detail and clarity is really   astounding. 

M27 known as The Dumbell Nebula is a planetary nebula in the constellation Vulpecula at a distance of 1,360 light years away. The central star is a white dwarf at mag.13.5 it is hot bluish at about 85,000K. and may have a companion yellow star at mag. 17. The gaseous nebula is about 100 times that of the Sun

The Triangulum Galaxy

Messier 33

Imaged with 4 300 second captures of LRGB 1 filter of each from a Takahashi ED-106 telescope.

NGC 5229

This is a recent wide field image of The Whirlpool Galaxy depicting the various NGC's and IC's scattered throughout the capture from 021715. This is from 30  90 second unguided captures on my imaging gear. There are more galaxies in this image, but how many more??

I will be imaging this again shortly with a 2 to 4 hour run weather permitting

The Needle Galaxy NGC 891

Imaged on the 24 inch .6 meter astrography from 4 300 second exposures LRGB each

NGC 5169

NGC 55 Imaged from 4 exposures of 300 seconds each  LRGB on the Planewave CDK 700 Telescope.

ic 4278

NGC 5173

ic 4284 & ic 4285

IC 4277

Bodes Galaxy Messier 81

​Imaged from 4 300 second captures on a Planewave .6 meter astrograph telescope.

Thor's Helmet

​Imaged from 4 300 second exposures with the .6 meter 24 inch Planewave Astrograph telescope

I will be imaging this object much more in the future.. Much more inner detail and outer detail still needs to come through.

My next image runs will need to be several exposures with 600 second runs.