Update: Since purchasing my new Huetch Canon 6D camera, due to its sensitivity I have stopped imaging with my hyperstar for now and I'm primarily imaging at F10 2800mm and F6.3 1600mm with my Celestron C11. 

   I also travel to deep dark sky's in Northeastern Oregon for my imaging.

About Me:

I was curious about the universe ever since I can remember as a teenager watching the Apollo 11 spacecraft land on the moon. I would always look up at our distant cousin the bright white disk overhead and always wanted to gaze on it more intently.

  I finally began my quest in 2010 as I purchased my first telescope a Celestron C6 and since then moved up to a Celestron C11 with Hyperstar III and a Losmandy G11 Gemini II.

  I will be posting images as well with my Celestron C11  in the coming months and add those images to my gallery

Since starting this website 4 years ago I have moved into remote imaging with Deep Sky West using a QSI 683 CCD Camera with a Paramount Mty Mount and a Takahashi 106-ED III Telescope.

​  I have upgraded the OTA to a Celestron C14 as my imaging platform using a QSI 683 CCD Camera with a Paramount PME for captures. I have realized it is a long time to actually get all the photons necessary for a great color image using this combination and will post more new images when available.

Crescent Nebula​

with IC 1318, NGC 6888, NGC 6881 and NGC 6874

I will be posting many variety of images from various Field of Views to give you a unique perspective to our universe. This was imaged with a Takashashi ED-106 Refractor which yields nearly a 3.5 degree field of view. The image is from a single 600 second capture using an Ha filter only to keep the light focused to that specific wavelength of light .